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OK2005 Rubber Weight Plate

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Packing:Polybag+ctn+wooden Case
  • OK2005


Rubber weight plate:gravity training equipment covered with rubber material

Rubber weight plate is a gravity training equipment covered with rubber material, which is usually composed of iron heart and outer rubber protective layer.This design aims to provide better durability and floor protection to prevent damage to the ground or produce noise.

The rubber weight plate is usually more quiet in use, more friendly to the environment, and can effectively slow down the direct contact between the gravity board and the ground, and extend its service life.

In addition, the outer layer of rubber also helps reduce scraping and damage, making it a common choice in the gym and family fitness environment, and provides a more quiet, lasting and ground -friendly gravity training experience.

Product Advantage

  1. Compared with some more complex fitness equipment, Weight Plate is often more cost -effective and provides economic affordable choices for the fitness.

  2. weight Plate is usually more commonly used in free weight. Compared with fixed machines, it can exercise stability and coordination.

  3. weight Plate can be used for multiple scenarios, including weightlifting, barbell training, functional training, etc., so that they are widely used in the gym and family fitness environment.

Rubber weight plate

Weight Plate's use in the gym:

1. Barbell training: Weight Plate is the basic component of barbell training. By installing Weight Plate at both ends of the barbells, the resistance can be adjusted to perform systemic strength training such as squats, tadge, and bench presses.

2. Weightlifting training: Weight Plate is used to increase the total weight of the barbell, helping athletes to gradually improve the level of strength, and carry out actions such as raising and grabbing.

3. Balance and stability training: Functional training: Weight Plate can be used for functional training, such as using it as a handheld -holding object for walking, bending down, etc., to enhance core stability and physical coordination.

4. Place Weight Plate in a specific position of the body, such as shoulders or hips, can be used for balance and stability training, emphasizing the core control and coordination of the body.

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