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OK1011B CPU Dumbbell

Size: 2/4/6/-60kg, 2kg increase
Material: CPU
  • OK1011B


Round -Head Dumbbells: One Of The Popular Dumbbells

As a exercise tool often appearing in the gym, round -head dumbbells are loved by fitness hobbies. Because of its simple and practical design, it has become one of the equipment recommended by coaches and personal trainers.

As one of the popular dumbbells, its size is 2-4-6-60kg, which can meet the exercise needs of different groups of people and make flexible adjustments. Whether in family gyms or professional fitness centers, they are suitable for various training programs, including muscle construction, endurance training, and core stability training. In general, round head dumbbells, as a multifunctional, adjustable fitness tool, provide a rich and flexible exercise experience for the fitness.

Product Advantage

1. Product design can meet the customer's requirements, provide unique design advantages, and it is practical while innovation.
2. The round head design helps to maintain the balance of dumbbells. When performing various actions, it can make the training more stable.
3. It has a large market advantage in commercial fitness equipment and has certain competitiveness.

round -head dumbbells

How to use dumbbell high efficiency?
1. Set clear goals: Before starting the use of dumbbells, clarify your fitness goals. Is it to increase muscle quality, increase endurance, or reduce fat? Design your training plan according to the target.
2. Choose the appropriate weight: Select a proper dumbbell weight to make the challenge in each group of repetitions, but it can maintain the correct posture. The weight of too light may not stimulate muscle growth, and overweight weight may lead to poor posture and injury.
3. Choose the correct posture: Maintaining the correct posture is the key to dumbbell exercise, which can effectively reduce the pressure on the joint during exercise.
4. Reasonable rest time: Give appropriate rest time between each group of exercise.
5. Regular adjustment training plan: Regularly adjust the training plan, increase difficulty or introduce new actions to avoid the adaptation period and continue to challenge muscles.

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