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OK1032B CPU Dumbbell

Size: 2/4/6/-50kg, 2kg increase
Material: CPU
  • OK1032B


Round Head Dumbbells: A Great All-Round Option

Round dumbbell is a kind of innovation in the field of dumbbell design, which is welcomed by fitness enthusiasts in the market.

Round dumbbells are suitable for all kinds of forces training and fitness activities, including recommendation, bending, lifting, etc., which can make it easier for the fitness to adjust the hand posture, reduce the pressure of the hand, and then ensure that the exercise is also ensured that exercise is also ensured Stability and safety. In terms of quality, our products have also been tested by multiple parties. During the production process, every level can be well feeded whether you are commercial or gym.

Product Advantage

1. The handle design is more in line with the natural curve of the palm, so as to provide a more comfortable and natural grip.
2. The surface of the product can customize the customer's own logo and become the customer's exclusive dumbbell.
3. It can meet the requirements of the fitness of comfort, diversity, and durability, and have certain quality assurance.

round head dumbbells

How to use dumbbells to exercise?

1. Dumbbell squat:
Hold a pair of dumbbells, separate your feet naturally, as wide as your shoulders.
Keep the dumbbells next to your shoulders, then squat on your knees, and move your hips back to ensure that your knees do not exceed the toes.
Resume standing posture and repeat squats.

2. Dumbbell bench press:
Lie on the supine board or floor, bend your knees.
Hold a pair of dumbbells, raise it over the chest, and straighten his arms.
Slowly reduce the dumbbells to the chest, and then advance to the starting position.

3. Dumbbells bend:
Hold a pair of dumbbells, both feet closer, his arms vertically on the body.
Start the dumbbells from the thigh to the shoulder, bend the arm, and then slowly reduce the dumbbell back to the starting position.

During the past ten years, our products are sold to more than 80 countries all over the world.




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