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Wholesale Kids Adults Cardio Custom Logo Blazing Fast Skipping Jump Rope High Speed Exercise Pvc Jump Rope For Fitness

Rope Size:3000.26mm
Handle length:14m,110g/pcs
  • OK1397


Jump rope, also known as skipping rope, is a classic and versatile fitness tool used for cardiovascular workouts, coordination training, and calorie burning exercises. It consists of a long rope with handles on each end, and its simplicity makes it suitable for various usage scenarios. Here are some common usage scenarios for jump rope:

Cardiovascular Workout: Jumping rope is an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise. It elevates heart rate and improves cardiovascular endurance, making it an effective way to burn calories and improve overall fitness.

Warm-Up and Cool Down: Jumping rope can be used as a dynamic warm-up before engaging in more intense workouts. It helps to increase blood flow, loosen up muscles, and prepare the body for physical activity. Additionally, it can serve as a gentle cool-down after a workout to gradually lower heart rate and promote recovery.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): Jump rope is frequently incorporated into HIIT workouts. Alternating between periods of intense jumping and brief rest intervals challenges the body and promotes fat burning, making it an efficient option for time-sensitive individuals.

Q1 : Why choose us ?

A : OKPRO products are with low MOQ , high quality 、 newest design and quality control . We provide high level service , accept OEM and Trade assurance order. You can shop without worries.

Q2 : What is the price term ?

A : The price listed is EXW price. There might be additional forwarder costs depends on different forwarder and shipment method.

The price may fluctuate due to material cost / labor cost / exchange rate change. Please consult our sales people before

confirming an order.

Q3 : Does the product price include logo ? How can I make my custom logo and packaging ?

A : The listed product price does not include logo , the product usually use poly bag packaging . You can contact our sales for specific price if you need logo or custom packaging.

Q4 : How long do you need to produce the goods ?

A : For product that is in stock, we can deliver to you in 5-10 days. Regular lead time for mass production is 20-45 days

depending on order quantity.

Q5:Do you offer guarantee for the products?

A: Yes,we offer 1-3 years warranty to our products.

Q5:How to deal with faulty or refund the faulty products?

Q6 : What is the payment term ? How can I arrange payment ?

A :  We accept TT / LC / Trade assurance payment.

Q7 : How long can I receive the goods ?

A :  For sea shipment, It usually takes about 15-45 days depending on destination port.

During the past ten years, our products are sold to more than 80 countries all over the world.




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