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OK9184E Power Rack

Size: 153*141*234cm
Net weight: 124kg
Logo: Customized Logo Availabled
Material: Steel
  • OK9184E

Power racks, also known as squat racks or power cages, are essential strength training equipment that offer a range of features to enhance your workout experience. Here are some key features of power racks:

Sturdy Construction: Power racks are built with a robust and durable frame, typically made of heavy-duty steel or metal. This ensures stability and safety during heavy lifting and intense workouts.

Adjustable Safety Bars: Power racks come equipped with adjustable safety bars or spotter arms. These bars can be set at different heights, allowing you to perform exercises like squats, bench presses, and overhead presses with added safety. The safety bars catch the barbell if you fail to complete a lift, preventing injuries and providing peace of mind.

J-Hooks or Barbell Holders: Power racks are equipped with J-hooks or barbell holders attached to the uprights. These hooks securely hold the barbell in place, allowing for easy loading and unloading of weights. They also provide a convenient and safe resting position for the barbell between sets.

Pull-Up Bar: Many power racks feature an integrated pull-up bar. This allows you to perform various pull-up variations, chin-ups, and hanging exercises, effectively targeting your upper body muscles.

Weight Plate Storage: Some power racks come with weight plate storage pegs or posts attached to the frame. These provide a convenient and organized storage solution for your weight plates, keeping them within easy reach during your workout.

Versatile Exercise Options: Power racks offer a wide range of exercise possibilities. Apart from squats, bench presses, and overhead presses, you can perform exercises such as deadlifts, lunges, rows, rack pulls, and more. The adjustable safety bars and hooks allow for customization and accommodate users of different heights and exercise preferences.

Space Efficiency: Power racks are designed to maximize the use of space in your gym or home workout area. They typically have a compact footprint while providing ample room for exercises within the cage. This makes them suitable for smaller spaces without compromising functionality.

Customization and Attachments: Power racks often offer the option to customize and expand their capabilities by adding attachments. These can include dip handles, landmine attachments, cable pulley systems, and more. These attachments enhance the versatility of your power rack, allowing for additional exercises and workout variations.

Power racks are a versatile and essential piece of equipment for strength training enthusiasts. Their sturdy construction, adjustable safety features, versatile exercise options, and ability to customize make them an ideal choice for home gyms, commercial gyms, and fitness facilities. Incorporate a power rack into your workout routine and elevate your strength training to new heights.

Power racks, also known as squat racks or power cages, are versatile strength training equipment that can be used in various settings to enhance your workout experience. Here are some common application scenarios where power racks excel:

Home Gyms: Power racks are a popular choice for home gym setups. They provide a comprehensive and space-efficient solution for performing a wide range of exercises, including squats, bench presses, overhead presses, pull-ups, and more. With adjustable safety bars and weight plate storage, power racks offer a complete strength training solution for home fitness enthusiasts.

Commercial Gyms and Fitness Centers: Power racks are a staple in commercial gyms and fitness centers. They are suitable for individual workouts as well as personal training sessions. With their robust construction and versatile functionality, power racks can accommodate a wide range of fitness levels and exercise preferences.

Strength and Conditioning Facilities: Power racks are commonly found in strength and conditioning facilities, such as sports training centers and collegiate athletic programs. They are essential for athletes and individuals looking to improve their strength, power, and overall athletic performance. Power racks allow for heavy lifting, explosive movements, and specialized exercises like rack pulls or pin presses.

Functional Fitness and CrossFit Workouts: Power racks are often incorporated into functional fitness and CrossFit workouts. Their sturdy design and safety features make them suitable for high-intensity training, including movements like squats, deadlifts, pull-ups, and muscle-ups. Power racks can also be used for exercises such as box jumps or plyometric movements.

Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy: Power racks can be utilized in rehabilitation and physical therapy settings to assist patients in rebuilding strength and regaining mobility after injuries or surgeries. The adjustable safety bars and ability to perform assisted exercises make power racks a valuable tool in the rehabilitation process.

Personal Training Sessions: Many personal trainers utilize power racks in their clients' training sessions. The versatility of exercises that can be performed in a power rack allows trainers to design effective and personalized workouts for their clients, targeting specific muscle groups and fitness goals.

Weightlifting Competitions: Power racks are often used in weightlifting competitions, especially during squat events. They provide a secure and standardized platform for athletes to perform their lifts, ensuring fairness and consistency in judging.

Whether you're working out at home, in a commercial gym, or in a specialized training facility, power racks offer a versatile and functional solution for strength training. Their adjustable features, safety bars, and wide range of exercise possibilities make them a valuable tool for fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and individuals seeking to improve their overall strength and fitness levels. Embrace the benefits of a power rack and elevate your strength training journey.

Q1 : Why choose us ?

A : OKPRO products are with low MOQ , high quality 、 newest design and quality control . We provide high level service , accept OEM and Trade assurance order. You can shop without worries.

Q2 : What is the price term ?

A : The price listed is EXW price. There might be additional forwarder costs depends on different forwarder and shipment method.

The price may fluctuate due to material cost / labor cost / exchange rate change. Please consult our sales people before confirming an order.

Q3 : Does the product price include logo ? How can I make my custom logo and packaging ?

A : The listed product price does not include logo , the product usually use poly bag packaging . You can contact our sales for specific price if you need logo or custom packaging.

Q4 : How long do you need to produce the goods ?

A : For product that is in stock, we can deliver to you in 5-10 days. Regular lead time for mass production is 20-45 days depending on order quantity.

Q5:Do you offer guarantee for the products?

A: Yes,we offer 1-3 years warranty to our products.

Q6 : What is the payment term ? How can I arrange payment ?

A :  We accept TT / LC / Trade assurance payment.

Q7 : How long can I receive the goods ?

A :  For sea shipment, It usually takes about 15-45 days depending on destination port.

During the past ten years, our products are sold to more than 80 countries all over the world.




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