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OK1012A Rubber Round Dumbbell

Size: 2.5-50kg with 2.5kg increase
        5-100lb with 5lb increase
Material: Rubber
  • OK1012A


Rubber Round Dumbbell: Offers A Reliable And Effective Means To Achieve Fitness Goals

The rubber round dumbbell is a versatile and effective fitness equipment, widely embraced in strength training and muscle workouts. Its rounded head not only adds an aesthetic appeal but also contributes to enhanced overall functionality.

The circular shape ensures uniform weight distribution, providing stability during exercises and enabling fitness enthusiasts to maintain proper posture throughout their workout sessions. The rubber material used in its construction is a safe and odor-free option, preventing slips during exercises. This coating is durable, reducing wear and tear on the dumbbell and the floor, making the exercise process more efficient. Overall, the rubber round dumbbell offers a reliable and effective means to achieve fitness goals.

Product Advantage

1. Round -headed gum dumbbell is a flexible fitness equipment that is suitable for various exercise scenarios and can meet the exercise requirements of different muscle groups.
2. Due to the characteristics of rubber coating, the sound of contact with the floor during exercise is relatively small, and there is a relatively safe exercise environment.
3. Rubber coating usually has the characteristics of antioxidant, can resist humidity and sweat, and prolong the service life of dumbbells.

Rubber Round Dumbbells

The rubber-coated round dumbbell is a versatile piece of equipment that engages various muscle groups during exercise. When incorporating this dumbbell into your workout routine, you can effectively target the following muscle groups:

Upper Body Muscles:

Chest Muscles (Pectoralis Major): Engaged through exercises like chest press and incline chest press.
Shoulder Muscles (Deltoids): Strengthened by shoulder press, lateral raises, and other shoulder-focused movements.
Back Muscles: Worked on with exercises such as bent-over rows, promoting overall back strength.
Upper Arm Muscles:

Biceps Brachii: Targeted through bicep curls and other flexion movements.
Triceps Brachii: Strengthened with tricep extensions and similar extension exercises.
Core Muscles:

Rectus Abdominis (Abdominals): Activated during exercises like sit-ups to enhance core strength.
Obliques (Side Abdominals): Worked on with side crunches and other lateral core exercises.
Lower Body Muscles:

Quadriceps: Engaged through movements like squats and lunges, contributing to thigh muscle development.
Glutes (Buttocks): Strengthened with exercises like standing lunges, promoting overall gluteal muscle activation.
Calves: Targeted through calf raises, enhancing calf muscle development.
The rubber coating on the round dumbbell not only provides a comfortable grip but also protects against floor abrasion and minimizes noise during exercises. This versatile dumbbell can be utilized for a comprehensive full-body workout, making it an excellent tool for individuals with diverse fitness goals and skill levels.

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