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OK0026A Sand Bag Rack

Main tube size: 40*80*1.5cm φ25*1.5cm
Assembly: 69*60*170cm
Packing 1: 73*65*18.5cm
N.W./G.W.: 22.8/24.1kg
Packing 2: 173*24.5*10cm
N.W./G.W.: 8.5/9.8kg
  • OK0026A


Bulgarian bag racks are specifically designed to hold and store Bulgarian bags, a unique piece of equipment used for functional training and strength conditioning. Here are some common scenarios where Bulgarian bag racks are utilized:

  1. Fitness Studios: Bulgarian bag racks are commonly found in fitness studios that offer functional training classes or specialized workouts. These racks provide a dedicated space to store Bulgarian bags when not in use, keeping the studio organized and the equipment easily accessible for participants.

  2. CrossFit Boxes: Bulgarian bag racks are frequently seen in CrossFit boxes, where functional fitness and high-intensity workouts are the focus. The racks allow for efficient storage of Bulgarian bags and ensure they are readily available for athletes during their training sessions.

  3. Gym Facilities: Bulgarian bag racks can be found in gym facilities that offer a variety of training options. These racks provide a designated area for users to store Bulgarian bags, preventing them from cluttering the workout space and minimizing the risk of accidents.

  4. Personal Training Studios: Bulgarian bag racks are often utilized in personal training studios, where trainers incorporate Bulgarian bag exercises into their clients' workouts. The racks keep the bags organized and easily accessible, allowing trainers to efficiently transition between different exercises and training sessions.

  5. Rehabilitation Centers: Bulgarian bag racks can also be found in physical therapy and rehabilitation centers. These racks provide a safe and organized storage solution for Bulgarian bags used during rehabilitation exercises. The bags are easily accessible for therapists and patients, facilitating their rehabilitation programs.

  6. Martial Arts and Combat Training Facilities: Bulgarian bag racks are commonly utilized in martial arts and combat training facilities. The racks ensure that Bulgarian bags are stored safely and are readily available for use during training sessions focused on strength, conditioning, and striking techniques.

In summary, Bulgarian bag racks are utilized in various fitness settings, including fitness studios, CrossFit boxes, gym facilities, personal training studios, rehabilitation centers, and martial arts and combat training facilities. These racks provide a dedicated storage solution for Bulgarian bags, keeping them organized, easily accessible, and ready for use during functional training, strength conditioning, and rehabilitation exercises.

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